Hydro CBD Water

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Ergogenics Hydro is a performance hydrating fluid infused with nano-cannabidiol (CBD), which provides incredible cellular hydration & energy.

Using Nano Technology which sizes particles into one millionth of their size we then encapsulate CBD in a water cluster and infuse them in perfect 7.4 PH Water. This process allows the Nano Sized CBD to immediately penetrate into your cells, past the blood brain barrier giving the body immediate 100% bioavailability.

3mg nano encapsulated CBD is equivalent to 30mg of CBD oil with 100% of the health benefits.

*EACH SERVING CONTAINS PHYTOCANNABINOIDS, Which include: CBD AND MAY INCLUDE CBG, CBGA, CBN, CBNA, CBC, CBCA, THCV, CBDA, AND CBLA.These are all completely natural and beneficial Cannabinoids found in Hemp.

Use 250ml (½ of bottle) with any of our other products or on it’s own.


Potential CBD Benefits

  • Natural pain relief & anti-inflammatory properties
  • Suppression of muscle spasms
  • Promotes healthy bone growth
  • Anxiety & stress relief
  • Supports immune system
  • Microbiome Superfood