5 Most Frequently Asked Questions about Hemp Protein

2018 Dec 10th - by Ergogenics

Does hemp protein powder contain THC?

Hemp protein does contain some THC (Tetrahydrocannabinol), but in very small trace amounts — usually less than 0.3%.

People ask about THC because it’s one of the ingredients in the cannabis sativa plant, otherwise known as marijuana.

Marijuana contains anywhere from as little as two percent to over 20 percent THC, making the amount of THC in hemp extremely small.

While both hemp and marijuana derive from the cannabis sativa plant, they are usually sourced from different varieties of the plant.

Hemp is made from a lower THC variety of the plant and it is specifically grown for the fibre and the seeds.

Marijuana is grown for the psychoactive ingredient, THC. THC is contained in the flowering tops of the plant or the leaves.

Does hemp protein powder help me build my muscles?

Similar to whey protein powder, hemp protein powder is packed full of amino acids. These amino acids in hemp protein powder help to improve and increase your metabolism.

This will directly correlate to your body’s ability to maintain its muscle mass and repair muscles after tough workouts.

What are the benefits of using hemp protein powder?

Good essential fatty acids are found in hemp protein powder. Some of the major fatty acids in hemp are the omega-6 and omega-3 fatty acids. These omega fatty acids are necessary for good health.

Essential fatty acids are best when combined in a balanced fashion to improve shortages that can be common in the human body.

Hemp protein is the only plant protein that has the two blood proteins Edestin and Albumin. These two proteins help create antibodies that improve the immune system and also help to digest protein and other nutrients in the body more quickly and efficiently.

Other important nutrients in hemp protein are the following: fibre, iron, phosphorus, magnesium, calcium, manganese, copper, and zinc.

For those people with gluten allergies, hemp protein can be an excellent alternative because it’s free of both gluten and soy.

Hemp is also not a genetically modified plant. This makes hemp protein powder a very sound choice for extra protein and nutrients.

Who can benefit from supplementing their diet with hemp protein powder?

Hemp protein powder is nutritious for anyone, especially those who wish to boost their nutrition, lose weight, or boost their immunity. Vegetarians or vegans who get their protein from sources other than meat can benefit from hemp protein.

Hemp protein powder is a wonderful alternative to animal-derived protein powders because it’s plant-based and can replace protein in one’s body, especially for vegetarians who can easily have depleted stores.

There seems to be an increasing number of people who are suffering from food allergies, specifically dairy allergies. For those who can’t have dairy products, hemp protein powder is an excellent alternative. This sets it apart from whey protein powder since whey is a derivative of cow’s milk. Hemp is packed full of protein, fibre, and other essential nutrients.

With protein ingestion, many people have goals to build stronger and larger muscles at a much faster rate. This is true for athletes.

For those athletes looking for an alternative protein, hemp protein can be excellent. Not only does hemp protein help to build muscle, but it also helps repair muscles after a rigorous workout or athletic event.

Maintaining a healthy diet can be a daunting task and trying to lose weight can be frustrating. Another great benefit of hemp protein powder is its use in reaching weight loss goals.

Hemp is full of fibre, and the proteins in hemp keep blood sugar from spiking, which in turn keeps your appetite satiated. Incorporating it into your daily routine is a must if you are trying to control your appetite while maintaining protein levels.

Can you fail a drug test while using hemp protein powder because it contains THC?

Because it’s such a trace amount of THC most people have no problem with drug testing when using hemp protein. As long as hemp protein is the only product you’re using with THC and you use it in quantities that are practical, it’s highly unlikely that you will fail a drug test.

Don’t forget that supplementing your diet with a protein powder like Ergogenics Hemp is just part of a healthy lifestyle.


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