Benefits of Bodyweight Exercises

2017 Oct 19th - by Ergogenics

It’s cold, it’s chilly, you don’t want to step outside. Maybe you don’t want to deal with how jungle like the gym can get, we understand, but you still want a great workout right?

Exercise to build muscle and strength using your own body weight!

Body weight workouts have been around a long time. Possibly short but intense, they are really effective. It is the perfect combination of strength and endurance training. Plus, they’re guaranteed to be challenging; regardless of your fitness level.

What makes it even better is that you can get as creative as you want with them. If your pushups are getting boring, challenge yourself to some inclined push ups. Make use of your couch or low bed for tricep dips. Use stairs for your leg workouts. The possibilities are endless.

Apart from the workout itself, you’ll find that these functional workouts improve your balance and even save time and money that you spend at the gym! All you need is your bodyweight and any scene you want to be in (home, park, etc).

Here are some basic yet incredible bodyweight workouts to get you started on a deeply satisfying workout that doesn’t necessarily involve stepping out.

1. Push ups

You can make them more challenging by doing incline push ups, wide arm push ups, one hand push ups, and triangle push ups to name a few.

2. Planks

This is a leg raise plank, when you feel like you want to raise the bar from simple planks on this core and full body exercise. Other variations include side planks or just holding your planks for longer duration of time.

3. Tricep dips

These are simple yet effective. These can be done anywhere you have a slightly raised surface.

4. Walking lunges

These are great to do anywhere. Build up intensity and fun by doing side lunges, jump lunges or even reverse lunges.

5. Lying glute bridges

As the name suggests, these target your glutes. To make it more challenging, try the one legged glute bridge and feel the burn.

6. Superman Hold

This hold may take a while to get right but it works extremely well.

7. Squats

A full body workout, but also a glute focused one, try variations like jump squats, sumo squats and pair with other workouts to make it more fun and challenging.

8. Burpees

A challenging workout, this one helps build endurance, strength and conditions your body. Count your cardio in for this one too!

9. Ab workouts

Some of the most effective ab workouts are done without any gym equipment. Use a variety of them during your workouts. Grab a mat or towel and work on your abs!

Depending on your fitness level, you could increase reps, do sets of circuits and keep challenging yourself with variations of all these workouts for a toned and strong body.

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