​Best Outdoor Activities for Fall

2017 Sep 21st - by Ergogenics

It’s that time of the year where the leaves change colour, the weather is a little more cool and crisp and more hearty meals and sweet treats are called for. But what about those who love exercising outdoors?

Just because it’s fall doesn’t mean you stop exercising with a view! To get the best of both worlds, here are some perfect outdoor workouts for Fall.

1. Kayaking

One of the best low impact water activities for Fall is kayaking. Its swift movements raise your heart rate enough to help improve your cardiovascular health. Kayaking also engages your upper body and core while enjoying the view, reflecting or catching up with a buddy.

2. Yoga

You don’t need a particular season for yoga. Wherever you do it, it benefits your body and mind. Why not enjoy the cool breeze, take in the colours of fall and relieve your stress, increase your flexibility and muscle strength?

3. Trail Running

Hate the treadmill? This one’s for you! Trail running is such an adventurous way to go running. Without the monotonous view, running trails can be challenging and a great way to enjoy nature before it gets too cold to run outside! Plus, you work on your balance and core strength a lot more while running trails. Go solo, with a group or your four legged friend!

4. Hiking

Not a runner? Try hiking! Hiking is a fantastic way to enjoy a workout while exploring, as it can reduce the risk of a stroke, diabetes, and lowers your cholesterol. Additionally, research shows that spending time outdoors increases attention spans and creative problem-solving skills by as much as 50 percent. It can also be pretty therapeutic. Plan a hike with a few friends and have a great time outdoors!

5. Basketball

Another fun workout and a chance to bond with your friends is basketball. You’re not out where it's either too hot or too cold. It helps work up a good sweat, tests your endurance, and needs just your sneakers and a basket ball!

6. Sprinting

If you’re limited for time and are looking for an effective workout, try sprinting! Sprinting, especially on inclines help build both, cardiovascular as well as muscle endurance. Enjoy this intense workout in crisp autumn air.

7. Outdoor Calisthenics Workouts

No gym? No home workouts? No problem! Make the outdoors your gym! Body weight workouts outdoors are so rewarding. You get to use your creativity for exercises and you build overall strength and a great core! From variations of squats, burpees, lunges, push ups, pull ups, tricep dips to running stairs, the world is literally your playground for an intense workout!

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