7 Ways To Boost Your Winter Workout Motivation

2018 Feb 3rd - by Ergogenics

During the winter season, it can be so tempting to stay indoors, cooped up in comfort and lose track of your health and fitness goals. We know you want to get in your workouts, but it isn’t your fault it’s freezing outside, right?

Maybe it’s time to take control of the situation and stop your motivation from dwindling away. Here are some ways you can kick your motivation back up to workout during the cold months.

Find Winter Friendly Workouts (if you haven’t already)

Whether you enjoy downhill skiing, cross country skiing, ice skating or going for a run, getting outside will be refreshing and give you a great change from being indoors a lot. Indoor workouts are a great option as well, if you’re feeling motivated enough.

Get Some New Gear

It’s a new year, and as excited and determined as you are to get in better shape, let’s face it, there can be lots of demotivation involved during winter season! Getting new clothing, shoes or workout gear can actually make you look forward to your workout! A great tip would be to invest in winter friendly workout clothing that would additionally make more of a difference in dealing with the cold; especially if you want to exercise outdoors.

Take It Relatively Easy

You don’t want your workout to feel like a chore. Rather than pushing yourself more than you need to, take it easy. Have some light workout days, workout at home instead of the gym or outside. Switch up the environment to give yourself a change of scene from your regular place of exercise.

Curate A Motivating Playlist

Music can be a great source of energy and motivation. Sometimes you outgrow songs or don’t feel as motivated when listening to certain tunes. Update your playlist and put on some tracks, like the one you heard at your new year’s party to keep you pumped up and in the mood for a great workout.

Grab A Fitness Buddy

Friends that workout together, stay together… or something like that right? Asking a friend who has a similar fitness level and goals to be your workout buddy is a great way to stay motivated through the winter. This will reduce the chances of you skipping out a great exercise session. You also get to bond some more with your friend too!

Try Out Something New

Winter time is one of the best times of the year to try out a new fitness activity. You certainly have thought of giving other fitness activities a try at some point. Now’s the time to try it out! Doing something new will enable you to fully engage your body and mind, further motivating you to exercise. So if you’re interested in trying out kick boxing, cross fit, rock climbing or anything that interests you, go for it. 

Make A Fitness Goal For Spring/Summer 

If you thrive on setting goals for yourself, set yourself a fitness goal to achieve. You could even participate in marathons or races that will keep you extremely motivated and take your fitness game to a whole new level in the process.

Stay motivated, eat healthy, workout often. Good luck!

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